Fountain pen online order form

Prior to ordering

In order to complete the following two written feature diagnosis order forms, customers are asked to take videos and photos with their smartphones or tablets, and have questions.
Once you have all the information, we will complete this written feature diagnosis order form and send it to you as a copy.
Written features from the past to the present All diagnostic orders are permanently stored by us and used for repeat orders and after-sales service.


Please bring a fountain pen, paper, a ruler, a smartphone or tablet.

1. Taking a handwriting photo

Please use the fountain pen you have now to write your address and name on some form three times, place a ruler, and take a picture from directly above with a smartphone. Please attach it to the form below.

※ The sample image below will be useful for exchanging the nuances of the pen point size later by placing a ruler.

2. Take a video while writing with your smartphone

Please take a video of your writing (three from the front, side, diagonally front) with your smartphone, upload it to ▷YouTube privately, and enter the private link URL in the form below.
*If you are using a fountain pen with your left hand and you are pointing the pen toward yourself, you will need a video from the right diagonally behind instead of the above three angles.

※ Method: Take a video with your smartphone  →  ▷ YouTube  →  ⊕  →  Select the required video 
→  Next  →  Unlisted selection (Mode that can be seen only by those who know the link) →  Next 
→  Made for kids Yes selection  →  Upload   →  Upload complete  →  Library  →  Select your own video 
→  Select the required video  →  Share  →  Select copy  →  Paste in the frame of the video link URL below

※ If you find it difficult, you can take a photo of your writing with your smartphone (front, side, diagonally front) and attach it to the form below.

※ Below, video reference


3. Enter and send necessary information

Below is the necessary information regarding future questions.

※ ▷ Name engraving sample image

※ ▷Fig. 1 and 2 of dimensional settings when writing

※ ▷Important About cancellation / change of order contents / import duty

※ ▷Scheduled to be completed with your current order

    I agree to the above cancellation and change notes and tax payments.
    I have confirmed the completion schedule for the above current order.

    Fig. 1 When writing by posting the cap on the barrelFig. 2 When writing with only the barrel with the cap removed

    Video (Please enter in the text box below)Photo (Please attach the attached space below)

    Delivered by EMS or DHL(Shipping fee is around 6500 yen. Import duties are required.)Delivered within Japan (Shipping fee is around 1000 yen. 10% consumption tax is required)Pick up at the workshop (10% consumption tax required)Decide later

    ※ Items marked with * are required items

    ※  If you cannot send the file even though you have entered all the required items, it seems that the cause is that the size of the attached file is too large. Please reduce the size of the photo, or enter a message about it without attachment and send it as an attachment in a later email exchange. Also, there are many errors in autocomplete. Please enter one by one even if it is troublesome.

    ※  Customers who have set anti-spam measures and domain-specified reception, etc., please register our domain [@]. If you have not set up domain registration, you may not be able to reply to emails.