Specific gravity

Name of wood Native specific gravity Productization
Snakewood Suriname 1.36 Old product
African ebony Tanzania 1.22 Current product
Cocobolo wood Mexico 1.22 Current product
King wood Brazil 1.2 Old product
Rose wood Laos 1.1 Current product
Persimmon  Japan 0.85  
Bombay black wood   0.8  
Chestnut  Japan 0.78  
White mulberry   0.75  
Pagoda  Japan 0.7  
Camphor Laurel   0.69  
Zelkova   0.69  
Beech   0.65  
Red Pine  Japan 0.52  
Yew   0.51  
Larch   0.50  
Cypress Japan   0.44  
Cryptomeria   0.38  
Princess tree Japan 0.3  

■ Ebony kind

Name of wood Native Family specific gravity Productization
African ebony Tanzania Fabaceae  1.22 Current product
Cameroon ebony Cameroon Ebenaceae 1  
Madagascar ebony Madagascar Ebenaceae 1  
Kalimantan ebony Indonesia Ebenaceae 0.8  
Macarthur ebony Indonesia Ebenaceae 0.8  
Ceylon ebony Indonesia Ebenaceae 0.8  
Ma-klua Thailand Ebenaceae 0.8  

■ Rose wood kind

Name of wood Native Family specific gravity Productization
Red Sander India Fabaceae 1.2 Old product
King wood(Violet wood) Brazil Fabaceae 1.2 Old product
Rose wood(Siamese Rosewood) Laos Fabaceae 1.1 Current product
Cocobolo wood (Southern american rosewood) Mexico Fabaceae 1.22 Current product
Madagascan rosewood Madagascar Fabaceae 1  
Chingchan Cambodia Fabaceae 1  
Honduras rosewood Belize Fabaceae 0.94  
Indian rosewood India Fabaceae  0.85  
Santos rosewood Bolivia Fabaceae 0.75