Sold Out Amboyna Burl Urushi Coating



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Because natural materials are used, color and texture may differ from photos.

Material :QB
Cap :Amboyna Burl Urushi Coating
Barrel :Amboyna Burl Urushi Coating
Section :Red & Black Ebonite
Grade :15
Body :Big Size
Nib's :Big 14K Solid Yellow Gold
Type :E
Body form :Balance type
Characteristic :Rolling prevention (cap & barrel)
Material of metal fittings :14K Solid yellow gold
Cap top ring :Cap top ring hammer finish
Clip / Rolling prevention :Mini Water drop design hammer finish
Barrel rolling prevention :Dome design hammer finish
Section ring :Section ring hammer finish



Description of the material

Amboyna Burl Urushi Coating (rare),Scientific name Pterocarpus indicus,Southeast Asia,Release in 2010,It is Burl that can be found near the base of a large tree (Fabaceae Family) with a tree age of 1000 years or more called Amboyna. Coat lacquer more than 18 times to prevent contamination and cracking.