Black Water Buffalo Horn



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Because natural materials are used, color and texture may differ from photos.

Material :WB
Cap :Black Water Buffalo Horn
Barrel :Black Water Buffalo Horn
Section :Black Ebonite
Grade :15
Body :Big Size
Nib's :Big 14K Solid Yellow Gold 
Type :E
Body form :Balance type
Characteristic :Rolling prevention (cap & barrel)
Material of metal fittings :14K Solid yellow gold
Cap top ring :Cap top ring hammer finish
Clip / Rolling prevention :Mini Water drop design hammer finish
Barrel rolling prevention :Dome design hammer finish
Section ring :Section ring hammer finish



Description of the material

Black Water buffalo horn,Vietnam,Released in 1987,The corner of water buffalo is characterized by moist skin.I will use natural materials with spiral patterns in dark gray. It is shiny finish.Because the black buffalo horn is taken from buffalo for agricultural purposes, the tractor popularizes in Southeast Asian countries and the number is decreasing.In addition, inside the water buffalo horn is hollow and leave innocent parts, since each corner of 85 mm is buffered per buffalo, it can only take one bottle of fountain pen's cap and barrel.Because of that, it is expensive and rare because of the current situation that material price rises and sufficient material does not come in.