After service

We keep all purchase orders and handwriting information carefully for all customers.

About fountain pen quality assurance

When trouble occurs, we will repair and adjust. Please consult us if there is a problem. When asking for repair, please check the contents below and thank you. If applicable, it will be repaired. ・More than 1 year have passed since delivery. ・In case of malfunction due to misuse, dropping, impact etc. ・Failure caused by a disaster such as fire, flooding, etc. occurs. ・Repair, remodeling, adjustment by other engineers is seen. ・When a person other than the order form is in use. In the case of In addition, customers are responsible for the shipping fee required for repair and adjustment.
Customers who have set anti-spam measures and domain-specified reception, etc., please register our domain [@]. If you have not set up domain registration, you may not be able to reply to emails.