Supreme Quest


Tradition & Evolution

1) Pen point polishing according to writing habit

People are unconscious when they hold a pen, and each person has a habit. In addition, each person writes a character with a distinctive personality, but there is as much habit as that. In addition to this, what kind of things to write on what kind of paper, what kind of work will be done for the fountain pen, data of the unconscious part and consciousness into data of the order form, sharpen pen point, make adjustment, make fountain pen easy to write I started doing things. A custom made was born also for a fountain pen like a suit or a shoe.

2) Traditional four-thread screw

Most fountain pens, the joint between the cap and the barrel are screws. A normal screw advances only one screw thread per rotation. As it is a part that needs to be opened and closed many times a day, the technique that I thought of wanting to reduce the rotation speed is 4 thread. It advances by four threads in one revolution. It is a technology transmitted as the production of a classic fountain pen, but now it is unusual.

3) Use durable ebonite for screws, internal mechanisms, sections

Besides ebonite and celluloid, it was suitable for work of cutting out, and it was black water buffalo and tortoiseshell that adopted it as a material that is still grasping and pleasant. At that time, it was an important theme that the internal mechanism and the threaded part were strongly wear-resistant and used for a long time to incorporate safe ebonite. From this point forward, we also use ebonite for all internal mechanisms such as precious wood. Even if it takes time to produce, I want to make something of high quality.

4) Precious wood enjoying aging

Even if precious wood is used for many years, it is durable and you can enjoy aging.
Adopted Cocobollo wood in 2000, sandalwood urushi, amboyna burl urushi, African ebony, rosewood in 2009. There are wonderful precious woods all around the world, but it is not suitable for producing as a fountain pen. It has good processability, good hand touch, little madness, beautiful grain, enjoying aging and high scarcity. There is no fear of saying greed, but carelessly inked ink will soak into the shaft and it should not seem to mess up. At our company, we use material which air-dried wood relative density is high and it is difficult for water to permeate, and urushi is applied to those with low air-dried wood relative density. Too low air-dried wood relative low density is a policy not to use because it is dirty and crazy. For your reference please look at the air-dried wood relative density of the following wood. Resources of all precious trees are reduced,
Some are regulated by the Washington Convention and are difficult to obtain. We are thinking that we would like to make the best choices among those available now and work.
Air-dried wood relative density table

Specific gravity

5) Hardware


I thought that clip and ring metal fittings would like to make solid gold instead of plating treatment. Like a fountain pen, handmade rather than machine-made. Like Nib with 14K Solid Yellow Gold. All metal fittings are made by hand. Approximately 70 steps to make one clip.

▷Metalworker Masaichi Yabe



6) I evolved and revived the classic instrument 70 years ago.

Lathe for manufacturing fountain pens (machines indispensable for the classic fountain pen manufacturing method, machinable shaft cutting and drilling with power, those that can cut the four-threaded screws and one-threaded screws by stepping on), cutting tools specialized for thread cutting, cutting tools The foundations, the bite, all of these, were using it while repairing what I was using in the 1930 ‘s, so the limits had come. Also, there was little leftover knife. There are no craftsmen who make exclusive machines and tools in the world without craftsmans, so they do not sell anywhere. I did not have time to despair, I needed to make a new one somehow. Drawing the machine by disassembling the machine, incorporating abundant contemporary technology into the problem, and making it. While we consulted the craftsmen, all knives produced classical cutlery. It took seven and a half years. Thanks to the skills and wisdom of craftsmen and engineers, processing accuracy has also increased. It is my treasure.


7) Full Custom Made System Considering Total Balance of Length and Weight of Shaft According to Customers

We made it a full custom made system that not only polish and adjust the pen point but also the total balance depending on the length of the shaft, the weight, the position of the weight.

8) Pattern matching


The upper part and the lower part of the cap clip.
Cap and barrel.
When all screws are closed, the handle will fit.
This requires a truly complex and sophisticated technique. Since the screw connecting the cap and the barrel is four strands, there are four stop positions, but where to put the handle together can be enjoyed as one of the rituals. There are also such visual pleasures such as cocobolow wood and other prominent material of wood grain.

Philosophy of the master artisan

There was no reply to ask the teacher about what I do not understand.
There is a sound that I hear all day.
Sound sharpening the knife.
Sound cutting sharp material with knife.
Sound cutting thread.
I learned everything from the sound.
Cutlery and machinery have no reserve.
I thoroughly study knives and machines in the middle of the night,
Disassembling the machine, repeating the assembly many times,
I wrote a drawing.
I study the nature of the metal used in the cutlery,
I asked the knife craftsmen many times to make a prototype.
I evolved and reprinted the tools and machines 70 years ago with seven years.
I made fountain pens more than 14 hours a day.
To elevate concentration, eat out,
I do not have a day off.
It was three years that gave me suffering.
Beauty is born only from suffering.
Buddhist craftworker, woodworking craftworker, urushi craftworker, sword craftworker, metal craft artisan, artist,
I stole the technique thankfully for meeting the valuable people.
I feel with my eyes, with my fingertips, with the sound.
It was training for me how to feel “something that can not be expressed in words”.
I will never forget the courage, perseverance, guts, effort, and appreciation.
Well, let’s write a fountain pen letter that says “something that can not be expressed in words”.
Even if it is not a good character, even though it is not a good sentence, I feel that feelings are transmitted because something that makes me feel even more than that is inhabited.
It is regrettable that people’s feelings will become dull as well as becoming a convenient world.
I believe that this “something that can not be expressed in words” leads to true peace of mind.

Ryo Yamamoto

Ryo Yamamoto Master artisan/CEO profile

1974 Born
1996 Joined HAKASE
2008 Inaugural CEO
2009 will restore tools and machinery around 1920 in seven years Complete pattern matching technique Start delivery of orders Development of full custom made system that takes into consideration the total balance of shaft length and weight The number of processes continues to increase, limiting the monthly production to 10 pace.
▷Sandalwood urushi coating 25 limited release(sold out)
▷Amboyna burl urushi coating 105 limited release(sold out)
African ebony release
Rosewood release 

As the 80th anniversary commemorative model developed only for ▷No. 15 Bicolor Nib 100 limited(sold out) 
Along with that, silver 950,14K white gold developed in the metal(sold out)

2014 More than 50% of annual order delivery will be from overseas.
2016 ▷Order event in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2020 ▷Snakewood urushi coating 40 limited release(sold out)
▷Old Red Sander Urushi Coating 10 limited release(sold out)
Ivory release
White striped buffalo horn revival
2023 ▷Black persimmon urushi coating limited 13(sold out)
▷Sandalwood Kintsugi Urushi Limited 11(sold out)
2024 90th Anniversary Model Mikurajima Gold Mulberry Wood Grain Chinkin Wipe Urushi Limited 35