Waiting for 15 months(Urushi Coating 18 months)

Fountain pen It is scheduled to be completed at the end of  February 2022 by now order.

Snakewood Urushi Coating is scheduled to be completed by the end of May 2022.

Real Sepia Ink Light We have abundant stock

Real Sepia Ink Dark We have abundant stock 

Pen case It is waiting for about 9 months.

Suspending EMS shipments to some countries

Suspending EMS shipments to some countries

Due to the global spread of new coronavirus infections, we are temporarily suspending the delivery of EMS to some countries.
Although we can now send to some countries, we are still unable to send to the following countries.

India,  etc.

Middle East
Israel, etc.

Australia,  etc.

Russia, etc.

North and Central America
USA etc.

For details, you can check the status of EMS from this link.

Online order form has been updated

November 21, 2020 The online order form has been updated.

All you need is a fountain pen, paper, a ruler, and a smartphone (or tablet) to diagnose and place an order with accurate writing characteristics.

▷Online order form 

At the same time, we are updating the repeat order form.

My work was introduced in the news broadcast all over Japan.

My work was introduced in the news broadcast all over Japan on November 14th.

I don’t think you can understand the content because it is in Japanese,

but I think you can see the current atmosphere of my workshop.


It is a video of 8 minutes 39 seconds. It seems that you can see it for a limited time.


COVID-19 has the advantage of long working from home and no travel time,

but while it is said that lack of communication is one problem,

a handwritten letter with a fountain pen covers the part that cannot be covered by telephone or e-mail alone.

The number of people who value the exchange of letters is increasing,

and the number of orders for fountain pens is increasing.

Notice of sold out of this tortoiseshell

All natural tortoiseshell products have been sold out.

It has been 28 years since the 1992 Washington Convention banned the capture, export and import of hawksbill turtles. Since 1990, we have been using the stockpile in Japan as the central part of the barrel of fountain pens with the technology of wrapping natural tortoiseshell around ceramic rods.
It is becoming more and more difficult to secure good materials, and price increases are becoming commonplace every year, and the craftsmen who wind the tortoiseshell are getting older, and it seems that the limit is approaching.
I can’t say whether this will be discontinued or whether the replenishment will still work, but since I can only feel the expectation, I will display it as “sold out”. Of course, we have already secured the tortoiseshell material for the customers who are currently ordering.

Hawksbill turtle farming is being researched on Ishigaki Island, Okinawa Prefecture, and it seems that the number of young craftsmen is increasing along with the fact that farmed tortoiseshell products will be available in the world and that they can be shipped overseas just because they are farmed. I have high hopes for the future.

October 31, 2020

Snakewood Urushi Coating Limited release of 40

After many years of trial research, we were able to obtain the finest materials.

We will start accepting orders in limited release of 40 on September 18th 2020.

Please see the ▷collection for details.


The website has been renewed.

12 May, 2017 The website has been renewed.