Waiting for 14 months(Urushi is 17 months)

Fountain pen It is scheduled to be completed at the end of August 2023 by now order.
URUSHI option requires +3 months

Light Sepia Ink We have abundant stock

Dark Sepia Ink We have abundant stock

Notice of price revision

From the order received on July 17, 2022, some prices will be revised.

The soaring global gold market has significantly pushed up the cost of 14K metal fittings, making it difficult to maintain the prices up until now.

Types C, D, E, F, G, H will each increase by 10.000 yen.

▷ Click here for old and new price list

* Types A and B are unchanged.
* The pen tip is also 14K, but the price has been maintained so far.
* The price shown on each page of the collection of works has already been corrected to the new price from July 17, but orders received by July 16 will be handled at the old price.