Metalworker Masaichi Yabe

Masaichi Yabe (former Tottori University professor, metalworker)


Mr. Yabe making solid 14k gold forged metal fittings

Solid 14K forged metal fittings made by Mr. Yabe

Mr. Yabe’s work “RAINBOW” at the entrance of HAKASE

Produced in February 2005 Works exhibited at the 44th Japan Contemporary Art and Crafts Exhibition (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum) Installed in May of the same year


The world is in constant conflict, the natural environment is being destroyed, and Pandora’s box has opened in people’s hearts. I wonder. However, it still rains on the earth (hometown), and the trees (nature) are covered with green, and the rainbow (hope) stands on the branches.
Let us love our hometown and believe in the rainbow (hope) of tomorrow (future). If you do that, something will surely start, and you will be able to regain your kind heart and beautiful hometown. Masaichi Yabe