About ink


Inhalation method when bottle ink is used

        1. Please insert vertically into the tip of the section into the ink as shown.
        2. In the case of PILOT converter 70N, press the knob of the tip vigorously 5 to 6 times in this state to fill the ink tank.
          In case of PILOT converter 40, Sailor converter, in this state please rotate the knob at the tip in the clockwise direction and suck ink.
        3. Wipe the ink adhering to the feed or section well with a cloth etc. before using it.



Conforming converter and recommended ink

In case of pilot specification PILOT converter 70N (1.1 ml), PILOT converter 40 (0.4 ml)

・PILOT Iroshizuku ・HAKASE Sepia Ink

In case of sailor specification Sailor converter (0.5 ml)

・Sailor ・HAKASE Sepia Ink

When using cartridge ink

      1. The side of the cartridge ink where the transparent dent is present is the insertion port.
      2. Insert the cartridge ink straight up with the NIB facing up. Please note that it will cause ink leak if inserting / removing more than once ※.
      3. Please wait for a while with the pen tip facing down after installation. If ink does not come out after a while, press the cartridge ink gently from both sides and send out the ink to the feed. Please note that if you force writing to NIB to forcibly put out ink, NIB will be in a bad condition.


Conformity cartridge ink

In case of pilot specification ・PILOT / NAMIKI

In case of sailor specification ・Sailor