Waiting for 15 months(Urushi is 18 months)

Fountain pen It is scheduled to be completed at the end of February 2025 by now order.
Products that require urushi coating  are scheduled to be completed by the end of May 2025.

Light Sepia Ink We have  stock

Dark Sepia Ink We have  stock

Notice of price revision

Announcement: October 16, 2023

Notice of price revision due to soaring gold prices

Thank you very much for your continued support.

In order to meet the expectations of our customers, our company has kept the bullion price at a certain level through management efforts.
However, recent increases in the prices of various materials and raw materials, as well as the impact of the weaker yen, have led to soaring costs, and it has become difficult to maintain the price level through effort alone.
We will implement price revisions from the dates below.
We appreciate your understanding and look forward to your continued patronage.

*Currently, the prices on each collection page are being updated in preparation for revisions, so the old prices and new prices are mixed. Please check the old and new price list in the link below for the correct price.

[Price revision date]
From December 1, 2023
*Current price is for payments until November 30, 2023.

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Amboyna Burl Urushi Coating Revival release Limited 30

Amboyna Burl Urushi Coating  Revival release Limited 30

In 2010, we released a limited edition of 105 pieces, and since we got good materials for the sold out ones, we will release a limited edition of 30 pieces.
Scientific name :Pterocarpus indicus
Southeast Asia
Release in 2010
It is Burl that can be found near the base of a large tree (Fabaceae Family) with a tree age of 1000 years or more called Amboyna.
Coat urushi more than 18 times to prevent contamination and cracking.

Price:  QB15 (C: 230.000 yen) (D: 250.000 yen) (E: 280.000 yen) (F: 260.000 yen) (G: 290.000 yen) (H: 310.000 yen)

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    Released on July 11, 2023

(Sold out) Sandalwood Kintsugi Urushi Limited 11

November 13th Sold out

Released on November 9, 2023

Origin: India, Mysore region

English name: Sandalwood

Before logging export restrictions were imposed in 1965, there were only a few stockpiled in Japan. We were lucky enough to obtain it as a log in 2009, and by polishing it using odorless persimmon juice and high-quality urushi made in Japan, we succeeded in preventing stains while retaining the sandalwood aroma.Limited to 25 pieces. It was sold out after its release. By repairing and manufacturing the remaining cracked material that had been stored and finishing it with kintsugi (golden joinery), we achieved the beauty of scarcity” that makes it more beautiful than the original.

Price example: 440,000 yen for SW15C

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(Sold out)Black persimmon urushi limited 13

Sold out on November 12th

Released on November 9, 2023
From Minano, Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture

I got a few special rare parts.
Black persimmon is a common name, and the type of tree is “persimmon tree.” When a persimmon tree is sawn, it usually has a milky white to light yellow color, but in rare cases, a black color similar to ink may enter the center of the tree. This is called black persimmon. The probability is 1 in 10,000, making it extremely valuable and expensive. It is common for black patterns to appear only on old trees that are over 150 years old, so we thought that the “tannin” that is the source of persimmon tannin may change color, giving the persimmon tree, which is originally white, a black color. It is being The carefully selected wood grains are wiped and finished with urushi.
Price example: BP15F / 320,000 yen

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Mr. Yabe abstract art exhibition

A craft exhibition by Masaichi Yabe, an artist of 14-karat gold forged metal fittings that have been used for HAKASE fountain pens for many years.

I would like you to feel a world different from the metal fittings used for fountain pens.

Location: Gallery 330 270-8 Maruyamacho, Tottori City ▷ Website

Time: March 10 (Fri) – April 2 (Sun), 2023 11:00-18:00 *Closed every Monday and Tuesday

▷Metalworker Masaichi Yabe internal link