Diagram of dimensional setting at the time of writing

Fig. 1 When writing with the cap posted on the barrel

(many people want grade 15 from 160 mm to 165 mm and grade 10 from 150 mm to 155 mm)

PILOT15ACD from 155mm, PILOT15BEFG from 160mm,
PILOT10ACD from 140mm, PILOT10BEFG from 145mm,
Sailor10ACD from 150mm, Sailor10BEFG from 155mm.




Fig. 2  When writing with only the barrel without the cap

(many people want 120 mm to 145 mm, 15H 176 mm)

PILOT15 from 121mm to 176mm (Black Water buffalo horn AD up to 137mm and E up to 147mm)
PILOT10 from 100mm to 172mm (Black Water buffalo horn AD up to 133mm and E up to 143mm)
Sailor10 from 112mm to 173mm (Black Water buffalo horn AD up to 134mm and E up to 144mm)