Point of note

About the shaft of a fountain pen made of natural materials

    • The axis of the fountain pen produced by our company is not a synthetic resin or metal axis like the major manufacturer’s item.
      Because we are using natural materials and semi-natural resins, you can enjoy the characteristic feeling of use by material as you use as much as possible every day, enjoying aging, on the other hand, mistaking your way to use, to use If the period that does not become wrong by mistaking the storage method, the material will be in a bad mood.

Materials that need special attention

    • Ebonite (hard rubber semi-natural resin)
      Be sure to put it in a pen case to avoid surface degradation, or keep it in a paulownia box and use it.

    • Tortoise / black buffalo horn (protein)
      If you are not going to use it for a while, there is a fear that you can eat it with insects, so please put a fountain pen and insect repellent into the box of paulownia, avoid high temperature and humidity, please save in cool dark place.

General remarks

    • Please clean regularly

    • The converter is a consumable item. Depending on the frequency, the service life is about 3 years.
      When it is exhausted, it becomes difficult for ink to enter, and ink leaks from the rear of the converter. Please replace it before that happens.
      If it is a shop handling a fountain pen it is mostly sold

    • Please put in a pen case as possible

    • Please polish the shaft gently by wiping the glasses etc.

    • The lifetime of the fountain pen ink is about 3 years. Please note that fading, poor ink flow and clogging.