Red & Black Ebonite



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Because natural materials are used, color and texture may differ from photos.

Material :FB
Cap :Red & Black Ebonite
Barrel :Red & Black Ebonite
Section :Red & Black Ebonite
Grade :10
Body :Medium Size
Nib's :Medium 14K Solid Yellow Gold
Type :B
Body form :Best type
Characteristic :Standard
Material of metal fittings :Gold plate
Cap top ring :-
Clip / Rolling prevention :Unicorn design
Barrel rolling prevention :-
Section ring :-



Description of the material

ebonite,made in Germany,Released in 1984,1839 Goodyear invented, hard rubber, semi-natural resin made by adding sulfur to raw rubber.It has played the most leading role in the history of a fountain pen but it is a rare existence now.It is hard to slip and it is easy to the hand, but if it is not used frequently or it is not stored in the pen case, the surface deteriorates, the gloss disappears and it gets cloudy.It is also used for mouthpiece of clarinet, saxophone, madros pipe.