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Because natural materials are used, color and texture may differ from photos.

Material :GWI
Cap :African Ebony&Ivory
Barrel :African Ebony&Ivory
Section :Black Ebonite
Grade :15
Body :Big Size
Nib's :Big 14K Solid Yellow Gold 
Type :F
Body form :Best type
Characteristic :Standard
Material of metal fittings :14K Solid yellow gold
Cap top ring :Cap top ring hammer finish
Clip / Rolling prevention :Scroll design minor finish
Barrel rolling prevention :-
Section ring :Section ring hammer finish



Description of the material

Released in 2020
It has been loved as a material for various crafts since ancient times. I believe that it is our mission to change the limit of Japan's stockpile to the ultimate beauty.

Warning regarding ivories and hawksbill turtle shells
Japan is a member State of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and is implementing this convention based on the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law. CITES is not a treaty to control internal trade and as such, it is often permitted in Japan to sell and buy the products subject to CITES under the Japanese law.

The Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law is also applicable to foreigners who visit Japan and return back to their home countries with souvenirs bought during their stay in Japan. Bringing back to their countries (export) is not permitted in principle. Even though visitors manage to bring back these items to their countries, these items may be subject to the regulations of the countries, thus leading to the confiscation of the items. We claim no responsibility for such confiscation that may occur on your return to your home country.