White-striped buffalo horn



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Because natural materials are used, color and texture may differ from photos.

Material :FBN
Cap :Red & Black Ebonite&White-striped buffalo horn
Barrel :Red & Black Ebonite&White-striped buffalo horn
Section :Red & Black Ebonite
Grade :15
Body :Big Size
Nib's :Big 14K Solid Yellow Gold 
Type :F
Body form :Best type
Characteristic :Standard
Material of metal fittings :Gold plate
Cap top ring :-
Clip / Rolling prevention :Unicorn design
Barrel rolling prevention :-
Section ring :-



Description of the material

White striped buffalo horn
Origin: Southeast Asia, Australia
2020 revival
The horns of buffaloes that live in the tropics have a moist and shiny finish when polished. Uses horns agricultural buffalo in Southeast Asia and Australia. The unique brown or black striped pattern seems to be more beautiful than the white one with less pattern or the one with high transparency.