Celluloid New Jade Green



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Because natural materials are used, color and texture may differ from photos.

Material :NJ
Cap :Celluloid New Jade Green
Barrel :Celluloid New Jade Green
Section :Celluloid New Jade Green
Grade :15
Body :Big Size
Nib's :Big 14K Solid Yellow Gold 
Type :B
Body form :Best type
Characteristic :Standard
Material of metal fittings :Gold plate
Cap top ring :-
Clip / Rolling prevention :Unicorn design
Barrel rolling prevention :-
Section ring :-



Description of the material

Made in Japan Released in 1985
Celluloid, which has revolutionized the color of fountain pens for almost 30 years since the late 1920s, is now rarely made by adding camphor to nitrate ester made by treating fiber taken from the core of cotton with a mixed acid of nitric acid and sulfuric acid. Semi-natural artificial resin. Historically, we usually made sheets with a maximum thickness of 6 mm and wound them to make shafts, but in the early 1980s, we made a custom-made sheet with a thickness of 20 mm and worked from square lumber, so there is no difference in pattern due to joints. We have realized the production of high quality materials that are integrated on the top and bottom. Best condition for long-term thirst. When making raw materials, green and pearl chips are mixed, and the finish that the colors are separated is Jade Green, and the finish that the colors are mixed is New Jade Green.